I’m Tonya Stenlake founder of Moveology and Los Angeles native. My love for the outdoors and living a healthy, active lifestyle started early, whether camping, hiking or playing competitive volleyball I love to move. I naturally embarked on my fitness career and quickly focused on the restorative power of movement.

The Nutritious Movement™ Restorative Exercise Specialist certification, where my passion for movement has afforded me the knowledge and skills to help my clients heal through movement. As a movement instructor, I am passionate about adding movement into the everyday lives of adults. I believe we all can incorporate simple “mini movements” into our workouts or everyday routines to break up our repetitive bad habits and restore body alignment.

I combine my skills as a personal trainer and a restorative exercise specialist to educate and support my clients from the “gym floor” to every day living.  Whether you’re looking for traditional exercise routines or need more restorative movements, I’ve got you covered.